INTERNATIONAL Business Management

As business becomes increasingly global the need for effective management within organisations becomes paramount and the opportunities for graduates expands. You will study the management of international business, and how the key theoretical approaches can be used in practice. You will get the opportunity to develop and apply business and management skills both within and outside of the formal programme.


international business management label

Year 1 Modules

  • Brand and Image (20)
  • Academic and Professional Golf Development in the workplace (20)
  • Economics for Managers (20)
  • Introduction to Finance (20)
  • Global Business Environment (20)
  • Organisational Behaviour and Operational Management (20)
international business management label

Year 2 Modules

  • Human Resource Management and Development (20)
  • Contemporary International Business Issues (20)
  • Research Methods (20)
  • Funding and Financial Decision Making (20)
    • E-Business and Marketing (20)
    • Professional Golf Experience (20)
international business management label

Year 3 Modules

  • Strategic Management and Leadership (20)
  • Current International Management Issues (20)
  • Tournament Golf as a Business (20)
  • Honours Project (40)
  • Professional Golf Tour Experience (20)

The programme aims to:

    • tickProduce students who are knowledgeable, analytical, forward thinking and highly employable in an International Business Environment.

    • tickAllow students to develop their critical thinking and understanding of the factors and issues involved in managing International businesses.

    • tickDevelop key transferable skills and autonomy of learning.

    • tickEnsure currency of delivery throughout the programme.

    • tickProvide opportunity for students to practice and develop business and management skills within and outside of the formal programme.